The new insidious 10 Commandments of the insane left

In the fictional world of horror stories, demons and blood-sucking vampires are triggered by crosses, but is it a coincidence that, in the real world, Democrats are triggered by MAGA hats? The MAGA hat is not a symbol of racism or hate, but rather a trigger for liberals, who claim they are tolerant and unbiased, until anyone proves they’re not, then they reveal just how insidious, hateful, biased, and violent they’ve all become.

The leaders of the Democrats, now nicknamed “Demoncrats,” have become deranged, pushing an agenda of mass violence, upheaval, hatred, and division, and it’s all being funded by sick, twisted billionaires who want to destroy America and then rule it by tyranny via “socialism.”

In their effort, the goal is to bankrupt the middle class, destroy all agriculture via the “Green New Deal,” have all women abort their babies on the day of their birth, have all illegal immigrants flood the country and vote for more Demoncratic socialism, forever. It’s time every American, including Democrats who still have some sanity, to wake up and realize it’s “now or never” if you want to save the Republic, the Constitution, freedom of religion, your home, your health, and your livelihood.

That’s why we’ve come up with a new tablet of 10 Commandments, to recognize the insidious insanity so we can act against it, before the demons take over and confiscate our weapons, land, homes, and rights.

Here are the insidious 10 commandments of the Insane Socialist-Communists and Globalist Tech-Monsters that run the Democrat Death Cult

#1. Thou shall exterminate all of thy babies on their day of birth to save humanity from the eternal blazing furnace of global warming.

#2. Thou shall be banned from speaking badly of vaccines that contain the infected blood from abortions, monkeys, and cows.

#3. No human shall object to sodium fluoride in thy drinking water, and no American shall speak or publish information about fluoride as an unholy, carcinogenic, insecticidal drug that feeds the destruction of teeth, bones, cells, and IQ.

#4. Thou shall ingest thy corrupt seeds of corn, soy, cotton, and canola, and accept the consecration of genetic modification as the adulterated path to the realm of early death.

#5. Thy social media shall be the Authoritarian Voice for all things science, and no man, woman, or child shall voice any opinion challenging this Ministry of Truth.

#6. The White Man has stolen the keys to the kingdom of Heaven, keeping all people of color in chains of darkness.

#7. Man and Woman are biologically exactly the same in every way, and no cis-person shall declare otherwise, or face judgment themselves in a ring of Hell fire.

#8. Illegal aliens are incapable of committing crimes, carrying infectious diseases, raping any human, or pillaging any place or property.

#9. All lab-created chemicals for thy food and thy medicine are Holy and should be consumed and injected without question or exception, especially including infants and “objects” in thy womb.

#10. Thou shall obey thy Socialist Oligarchs and Technocrats and bow down to the Cult of Equality by means of Social Justice, or face social and financial “execution” for treason.

Most food, medicine, vaccines, and personal care products are corrupted with neurotoxins and organ-poisoning chemicals, and now you have no “right” to speak about it on the internet

Facebook just outright banned any posts of any professional research, statistics, clinical studies, opinions, support groups, and injury complaints that expose the dangers of vaccines, including flu shots. We’ve already seen the mass censoring of anyone who supports the President or patriotism, and now we’re witnessing the rulers of the internet functioning like demons, destroying any “dissenters” who post the truth about corrupt medicine or food.

Anything that reveals the truth about adulterated food and corrupt medicine as such is labeled “misinformation,” “hate speech,” or “fake news” by the insane Left and the Technocrats. If you’re not pushing evil, hatred, neurotoxic injections, chemically-corrupt pharmaceuticals, or GMOs, then you’re posting “hate speech.” Yes, you’re the hater.

Check truth media multiple times daily, and do everything in your power to deny the new Insidious Ten Commandments of the insane Left. Tune into for more ways to protect the Republic. Remember, hold tight to your rifles and semi-automatic weapons – for they must have very special powers – or the Left wouldn’t want yours so badly.

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