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Treasonous FBI agent Peter Strzok emerges as the “hit man” who targeted Trump while protecting Hillary

It’s no big secret that criminality and Barack Obama’s legacy are basically one and the same. But what’s now being uncovered about Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) senior brass and top Obama minion Peter Strzok is almost too shocking to believe.

All of the pieces are falling neatly into place to show that Strzok engaged in blatantly tyrannous behavior, all at the behest of Obama, his boss. Not only did Strzok try to sweep under the rug the criminal activity of failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, but he also worked closely with Obama to infiltrate the Trump campaign in an attempt to derail it.

A close friend of Obama’s with longstanding ties to the Obama family, Strzok’s rapid rise within the ranks of the FBI during the Obama years would directly coincide with his new responsibilities under the administration. These included working behind the scenes to try to ensure a Hillary win while simultaneously trying to ensure a Trump loss.

When he wasn’t busy having an affair with fellow FBI employee Lisa Page, Strzok was requesting that all of Hillary Clinton’s private emails be scrubbed from every federal agency that had them in its possession. Strzok was also busy embedding FBI spies within the Trump campaign as far back as 2015, all while reporting his sinister activities directly to Obama.

“Potus [Obama] wants to know everything we’re doing,” reads a text that Strzok sent to mistress Page during the course of their affair, revealing exactly what Strzok and Obama were up to as they attempted to fix the 2016 presidential election.

Strzok tells Obama: “We’ll stop Trump from becoming President”

All of this and more comes directly from the eye-opening Inspector General’s (IG) report, which the mainstream media has been desperately trying to distract the public from with more fake news nonsense about crying little girls at the Mexican border who are supposedly being separated from their illegal alien parents.

But this completely made-up “news” circus doesn’t negate the facts contained in the IG report, which are still spreading like wildfire. Strzok shamelessly abused his position at the FBI to keep Hillary Clinton from being prosecuted over her illegal use of a private email server, doing everything he could to keep the narrative pitted against Donald Trump instead.

We now know that Strzok played a key role in doctoring the report on Hillary’s exoneration that was presented by shamed former FBI Director James Comey. Strzok was the one who, despite all of the evidence presented against her in that report, made sure that Hillary was declared “not guilty” in the reports final conclusions.

Instead of stating that Hillary’s use of a private email server was “grossly negligent,” as the report initially stated, Strzok reworded this part to say “extremely careless” instead, which makes Hillary sound like less like a willful criminal and more like a silly old grandmother who simply doesn’t know how to use a computer.

Strzok also made sure not to interview Hillary under oath, that way she couldn’t be held accountable for her lies. Strzok was there every step of the way to shield Hillary from the criminal prosecution she still deserves – the polar opposite of what the FBI is supposed to do. And he did all of this under the direction of Obama, who similarly has yet to face true justice.

Keep in mind that Strzok stated directly to Obama while all of this was taking place that he was sure they could also stop Trump from becoming president. A text that Strzok sent to Obama, as now revealed in the IG report, states in no uncertain terms:

“We’ll stop Trump from becoming President.”

What this all suggests is that pretty much everything these stooges accused Trump of doing, including that he “meddled” in a presidential election in order to steal it, is exactly what they did. And no amount of virtue signaling over illegal immigrant families being “separated” from each other can change that fact.

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