From federal leo, on border most urgent warning yet on border invasion and the real purpose of allowing all sick immigrants in

Worst Case Scenario?

This is what’s going on. The border is being flooded by an invading army that are potentially carriers “infectons” of deadly pathogens. This is soon to become one of many dominos falling into position to take away your rights and freedoms. I firmly believe the government will push a nationwide mandatory vaccination after one of these bioweapons is successfully loosed in our cities and towns.

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Listen people, this hysteria about measles or the flu has put many not so bright sheep into a panic. Many in our nation willfully comply to these dangerous “vaccines”. Take a look at Brooklyn, NY for example. Forced vaccine or pay the fine and or time in jail. What about your Constitutional rights? Well, in that community of Brooklyn, NY you have no rights apparently. What about religious exemptions? Nope, you dont have that either I guess.

(If you take a quick look at the beginnings of Nazi Germany, your going to find a lot of similarities.)

What about my 2nd Amendment rights that’s stops the government from forcing their rules which are against the US Constitution on my person or family? Well, New York has all but killed the second amendment and your ability to say no to the government. Does anyone else notice that this is going on in New York and not Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, the Carolinas, Georgia, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, the Dakotas?…you get the point.

This ladies and gentlemen is a trial run for what’s coming. Medical Tyranny. And let me tell you what I see unfolding. When You force medical tyranny on the population, most will comply, the few who resist will be dealt with by the government and fined, arrested and incarcerated. Probably sent to an encampment where the other non-vaccinated will go (which soon maybe built). Does that sound too far out? Well, it gets better. Let’s say, a nasty virus, plague, bacteria or bioweapons are wreaking havoc across the states and many are getting sick and some are dying, but not really enough for a state of emergency to be declared but yet, just enough for the media to overwhelm the screens with scenes of horrifying what “ifs” and other fear mongering stories. And they bring all the “experts” who try their best to scare you into the medical offices for that hopefull cure. But you dont want to go?

Little timmy next door gets sick, then little Sally down the block gets sick. Then all the parents of the neighborhood rush their kids to the doc for the vaccine. But they noticed you didnt go? Then the social media rumor spreading starts ramping up, suddenly you get that knock on the door from CPS and the local County Health office who has a police escort. (Your own family members will rat you out)

They question you as to why you didn’t get your child vaccinated and your putting them in danger? And you say but my children are home schooled and our faith prohibits taking such vaccines or you say, I prayed about it, I prayed over my child, and I dont want the vaccine because I’ve researched how harmful these vaccines are to children.

They respond with, oh your one of those, Christian’s or whomever, that wants to play the religious exemptions card? Well here’s a court order, see you in court, this is for putting your child in danger. Think that wont happen? It did in Texas about 4 years ago. Well let’s say you decide, “hell no I wont do it”. What do you think happens next? How many people do you think would defend their children from the government, with their guns, from taking this forced vaccine? I know plenty. “Shot in the arm, shot in the head, either way you end up dead”-Steve Quayle. (This is really to cause panic, finger pointing, and mistrust)

Do you remember how bad it got when Trump was elected to President? Families literally split apart and became enemies over night! Well, what do you think happens when those same leftist leaning kinfolk hear that you didnt vaccinate your kid to protect them from these dangerous diseases? They will report you to the proper authorities (with a smile on their faces like if they are really helping the cause).

Biblical Revelation deals with families turning on each other. Eventually, the churches will be involved as part of a community outreach to get your kids vaccinated.(to point you out in the crowd or to give the government your address). That’s when you’ll find out which Christian’s are truly following Jesus Christ. Most of the churches in the country…… and I want to say at least 60% of them…..will turn on their own flocks and believe they are doing the right thing. Research 501C3 Churches who agreed to help the government during a time of “crisis”. (These are the same churches that speak of everything expect for repentance and hell fire).

My friends, what’s coming from our southern borders is not just the tired, the poor and the hungry wretches looking for a better life. Some of them truly are but not all. Some of these people are weaponized carriers of the plague or worse. Some carry vaccine resistant diseases and worse. Could a wall help? Maybe back then, but not now.

I heard a nasty rumor at work. San Antonio, Houston, Fort Worth, Dallas and Austin, will have hold over facilities created to house these “immigrants”. Still just a rumor but it’s not the first time I’ve heard this rumor and wouldn’t be the first time it’s ever happened. Obama relocated thousands of migrant children a few years ago into the North East of the US. I know, I worked the gig. They were placed in government owned warehouses and old colleges that were empty. I know, my guys guarded the places.

So what am I getting at here? Well, DHS says 100,000 immigrants will cross into our nation this month alone. In El Paso, TX the good men and women of Border Patrol and CBP are capturing an estimated 1000 illegals a month, that’s sustained numbers that i was recently briefed on. You see, the leftists want you to see these peopleas innocent and harmless good people wanting a better life.

Most of them want that too however, not mentioning the thousands of gangs members, murders, rapist, narcotics dealers, cartel hitmen, child sex slaves, women and children sold into slavery, terrorists or just your every day previously multiple deported criminals who drink and drive and slam into cars killing families and loved ones, or whome shoot a gun into a crowd, or have violent criminal records…….the majority of these people carry diseases that rival military bio weapons.

However, this is also a magnificent time to move said criminals, gang members and terrorists into our country because they will be needed later.

Port Directors on the border have disclosed to me how many of their staff have become sick or that they quarantined an illegal who had a disease(s) that CDC had clue for or for how to treat? So, how many of these people have made their way across the border? Enough to be effective at the goal. Spread disease, cause mischief and commit crimes, kill Americans citizens and live freely off the government; oh ya and dont pay taxes.

The south west border and below to our neighboring countries are like a petri dish for wildfire like diseases, viruses and bacteria. They are a walking plague and the left wants you to let them in and live amongst you and go to school with your children or serve you dinner. While the elite sit in their fancy houses with their tall walls and iron gates. But don’t worry, they too will be touched by this that they started.

Only the blood of Jesus Christ and constant prayer over your loved ones will protect you when this starts. But that doesn’t mean dont take precautionary measures. Tactical discretion should be used for now on in reference to vaccinations. I would rather people not tell the truth about being vaccinated over taking the shot and dying anyways.

If you look back in history, most people die from disease due to poor hygiene and unsanitary living conditions, along with having compromised immune systems. If these plagues in the past were truly that deadly, this world would be much less populated.

Do not be fooled. Do not be suckered into this plot. Here’s what I’m seeing coming. Medical tyranny, which leads to violence in the house holds which flows onto the streets, which brings in the red flag laws and gun confiscation (which is what this is really all about). The government and the ilk, who secretly run our country knowthat Americans are naturally rebellious and love their guns and freedoms. But, they also know how overly cautious and manipulatable the parents are when it comes to their kids health.

Americans willfully get vaccinated and never research what was just injected into them. Sometimes it’s a better safe than sorry attitude or it’s a I would rather a shot then get the sniffles once or twice a year(which is bound to happen anyway). Some people make it a family event and other are just peered pressured into. Most public schools wont allow your child to attend class or play sports without the vaccine records. Just you wait till the outbreak starts. A manufactured panic.

So, they will take away your rights, take away your guns, force vaccinate, take away your social media and give you the Chinese social credit score system. Then you will be officially, CONTROLLED. It’s almost comical in a way. This is like a bad scifi movie. But the American people are conditioned to take orders from the government.

Gone are the days when men lead their families in prayers, boys were shown how to hunt and tend to fields. Gone are the days when women held their husbands and children accountable, and made home place worth coming home to. Gone are the days when men held their government and elected leaders accountable for every word and every law.

Why are these days gone? Because the plan to distract you the people with bullshit has worked, flawlessly. You now put your phone first in your hand when you wake up instead of praying to God and thanking him for the breath of life you were given. American has thrown in towel.

We have became like Rome. We are complicit and fat, overwhelmed with meaningless burdens and complacent to the liberties we have willfully given up. We have willingly given them up our freedoms to an over reaching, over regulating, too powerful, constantly expanding government who has made themselves into an elite class of rulers.

Your senators and Congressional leaders are no longer servants of their constituents. They are lords of the small towns, Barons of counties and kings of the cities. America, we have lost our will to fight and keep ourselves free from the tyranny that we fought against in 1776 and beyond.

But there is still a chance. You can still ride this storm out. It starts with repentance. It starts and ends with our relationship with Jesus. Food, water, medicine, guns, training, and a safe place to move to. You can still prepare for this. If you still care to.

God be with you all-WARRIOR AT THE BORDER!

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